Collection: Eco Friendly Shaving Kit

Finally! A plastic free razor that’s stylish, functional, affordable, and good for the planet.

A plastic free shaving experience leaves your skin looking smoother and silkier. The compact and perfectly balanced design will give you a closer shave.

Using double edge blade reduces irritation and prevents hair clogging, which frequently causes ingrown hair issues in plastic razor.

A plastic free razor is very affordable and it's here to last. Made of quality brass and zinc alloy, it will never rust and will always look stunning in your bathroom. 

The replacement double-edge blades cost a fraction of the price of any disposable plastic alternatives, saving you a great deal of money in the long term.

Choosing a plastic free razor for home or for traveling is a gift that you will never regret.

Check out our vegan shaving brush, natural shaving soap, and double edge blades, always delivered in plastic free packaging for a better zero waste shaving experience.